Beneficiary organisations 2021


Illness and disability in a child and the associated consequences are a challenge for the whole family. That is why the family plays a central role in our activities. The siblings, parents and relatives are just as important to us as the child with illness or disability.

With our three offers "Parental Relief", "Hospital Apartment" and "Holiday Weeks", we provide effective support in the everyday life of those involved. Family life should be maintained despite the child's illness or disability. The Aladdin Foundation has been committed to families since 1996. It is a private organisation without public support, recognised as a non-profit organisation and financed purely by donations.



The project «mit mir» supports children in their development and promotes their self-confidence, skills and integration. Children from stressful families are placed with motivated voluntary godparents who are there for them and accompany them on a part of their life's journey. This often benefits the whole family.

The volunteers are selected according to strict guidelines for the protection of the children and receive professional support and further training. For quality assurance purposes, cooperation is maintained with internal and external specialised agencies.




In Switzerland, every third child does too little exercise. One in five is overweight. The health consequences are serious - for the individual, but also for society.

In close cooperation with teachers and parents, "fit4future" motivates children to exercise more in a playful way, sensitises them to a balanced diet and also promotes their mental health. The programme is closely supported by experts and makes a sustainable contribution to reducing health costs throughout Switzerland.



hiki supports and relieves families with brain-injured children - unbureaucratically and concretely, since 1986.

Every year, hundreds of children suffer a brain injury, whether before, during or shortly after birth, or later due to an accident or illness. Suddenly everything is different than before. This is where hiki helps. As a parents' association, we advise affected families, offer relief in the demanding care and provide direct financial assistance. We are a contact point for parents, professionals and the general public on the subject of childhood brain injuries.

Thank you for helping us to help brain-injured children!



The Kifa Switzerland Foundation cares for infants, children and young people with a disability or chronic illness and relieves their families with respite projects.

Parents of children in need of serious care do not have a moment's peace, as they perform care work around the clock and look after their children free of charge. Every day, the employees of the Kifa Switzerland Foundation put their heart and soul into helping the families concerned. Coping with everyday life remains a great burden for the relatives. To support and relieve these families, Kifa therefore finances and operates 6 relief projects: Pflegekostenzuschuss, Soforthilfe, Ferienwoche, KITAplus, «Zeit schenken» und «Musik wirkt»,, the outpatient music therapy.



Children who are entitled to art and music therapy usually suffer from complex medical conditions. They are also hospitalised frequently or for a very long time. For them, life is restricted and overshadowed by uncertainty about the further course of the disease. In this stressful situation, the Kinderspital Zurich art and music therapy gives the children a mental break. Through artistic exploration, they can communicate their feelings and needs and process their experiences in the hospital. This promotes self-healing and is part of holistic care for us. For babies, music therapy supports development and promotes mother-child bonding.



Spielzeit Psychotherapie has been providing psychological support in crises for children and young people with a heavy burden, an illness or a disability for 37 years. In doing so, we accept physical and mental differences and allow them to coexist in a value-free way, according to the motto: It is normal to be different!

We help young people to come to terms with difficult experiences and to develop a positive self-esteem so that they can draw strength for their educational and life paths. With the non-profit project «FörderUns» , we make it possible for adolescents with serious illnesses or disabilities to receive free or reduced-cost therapy if the state does not cover the costs.



The Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe has been bringing joy and variety into the lives of children and young people living with an illness or disability since 1993. We bring the stars from the sky for them. We fulfil the dearest wish of the child's heart. We do everything we can to make the impossible possible and to give the child an unforgettable experience.

With our leisure stars, we also give the whole family the gift of varied excursions and carefree leisure activities.


Since 1993, the Theodora Foundation has been pursuing the goal of brightening up the everyday lives of children in hospitals and specialised institutions with joy and laughter. Today, the Foundation organises and finances the visit of 75 professional artists - the Dream Doctors - to 34 hospitals and 27 institutions for children with disabilities in Switzerland every week. Every year, these funny, magical characters bring laughter and moments of happiness to over 100,000 children's visits. The dream doctors are specially trained and work in consultation with the nursing staff.

The Theodora Foundation offers various programmes tailored to the needs of the children.


Athletics is suitable for all people who enjoy running, jumping and throwing. With competent training and support, you can live out your joy of movement here. From the age of seven up to active adult age, we offer competent support and training both on the track and in the technical disciplines.

Our trained coaches also look after the athletes at competitions on weekends and at training camps. As the athletes grow older, we support them in their specialisation. However, social aspects and fun are not neglected, because the shared joy in sport is all the more beautiful and important for the development of body and mind.



The Wunderlampe Foundation has been fulfilling hearts' desires for 20 years. Children and young people with a serious illness or impairment live in a world characterised by many hospital stays, operations and restrictions. In their often very stressful everyday lives, the Wunderlampe Foundation creates a moment of joy, a ray of hope, with a wonderful, unforgettable experience.

Last year, numerous virtual encounters with stars such as Anastacia, Beatrice Egli or Divertimento were made possible. What started as a stopgap solution has now become firmly established and has been able to give a lot of joy and confidence.

That was 2020, click here and immerse yourself in pure moments of happiness. Thank you very much for your support!