Ways to take part


For individuals and companies


If you can’t run or don’t want to run, you can also take part without any physical effort – by making a personal donation.

Here’s how:

1. Sign up
2. Enter the amount you want to donate
3. Finalise your payment


You can also take part in run4kids individually between 1 and 29 October 2023. Run when you want to and where you want to – for example, along your favourite route at home.


Here’s how:

1. Sign up
2. Choose how you want to donate (i.e. with a fixed amount or by the kilometre)
3. Look for private sponsors to boost your run (voluntary)
5. Running, hiking, walking or similar. (max. 2 hours), when and where you want or on 29.10. on site
6. Enter the number of kilometres you have covered
7. Honour your pledge and make your donation


Companies have the option to take part individually regardless of location and date, or to register for employees to participate in the event on 29 October in Zurich.

Here’s how:

1. Register your company
2. Choose how you want to sponsor your employees (i.e. with a fixed amount or by the kilometre)
3. Encourage your employees to take part (employees sign themselves up and try to find additional sponsors)
4. Organise a company run independently or join us for a live and direct cooperation
5. Run
6. Donate

The event organiser is responsible for dealing with all the admin after the run (calculating donations/sending invoices).