CHF 204'656.55 - Record revenue at the 16th run4kids

Close to 1,000 employees from 24 Zurich-based companies were joined by numerous individual runners to take part in this event in Zürichhorn on 30 October 2016. Many of them were reminded of their worthwhile efforts on the following day thanks to their aching muscles. The proceeds of CHF 204'656.55 from the 2016 run have been allocated to the Chance Foundation for Critically Ill Children at Zurich Children’s Hospital Stiftung-Chance für das kritisch kranke Kind and fit4future, two organisations that have been campaigning for well-being and healthy living among children in Switzerland for a number of years.


Funded organisations 2016

Chance Foundation for Critically Ill Children at Zurich Children’s Hospital

The Chance Foundation for Critically Ill Children at Zurich Children’s Hospital offers various services to help seriously ill or injured children and make their stay in the intensive card wards and neonatal department at Zurich Children’s Hospital that bit easier. The foundation also finances other worthwhile services, including a care team to support the families of terminally ill children, allowing them to say goodbye to their children in peace and as befits their own personal needs.

Cleven Foundation – fit4future

The Cleven Foundation has been committed to promoting healthy living among children since 2005. With more than 300 events held annually in Switzerland, fit4future is not only the charitable organisation’s main project, but it is also Switzerland’s biggest initiative campaigning for this cause. More than 150,000 children, parents and teachers benefit free of charge from this science-based programme, which gets to grips with the issues of exercise, nutrition and brain fitness. www.fit-4-future.ch

Participating companies

AdNovum Informatik AG

Autoshow Aathal AG

Avnet AG

Banco Itaú (Suisse) SA

Bank Lomard Odier & Co AG

Bitfee AG

D+H Switzerland GmbH

EPAM Systems (Switzerland) GmbH

Ernst & Young AG


Glenfis AG

Homburger AG

Meili Unternehmungen AG

Migros Bank AG

Niederer Kraft & Frey AG


Personal Sigma

Priora Services AG

SCOR Services Switzerland Ltd.

Shire International GmbH

Serviceplan Suisse AG

SimCorp Schweiz AG


Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG




Next to 1000 runners completed laps of the run4kids course in 2016, following the motto “if you’re taking part, you’ve already won”. Winners were announced in four different categories:

A) Runners' Category

Highest number of laps – individual runners

1. Alfred Ledermann (UBS AG) 37 Rounds
    Gerald Heibei (UBS AG) 37 Rounds

3. Cristina Dubach (Ernst & Young) 34 Rounds
    Beat Margelist (UBS AG)
    Patrick Schütz (UBS AG)


Biggest private donation - individual runners

1. Thomas Ritter (Stiftung Chance) CHF 2'532.00
2. Ursula Kambli (Stiftung Chance) CHF 2'300.00
3. Nicole Papez (UBS AG) CHF 1'715.00

The winners in both of the individual runners’ categories each receive a voucher for CHF 200 from Ochsner Sport.

B) Companies' Category

Highest number of laps (average per runner)

  1. Bitfee AG, 20 Rounds
  2. EPAM Systems (Switzerland) GmbH, 17 Rounds
  3. 3.Niederer Kraft & Frey AG, 16.7778 Rounds


Highest company donation

  1. UBS AG with 220 LäuferInnen CHF 54'975.-
  2. Meili Unternehmungen with mit 13 LäuferInnen CHF 17'300.-
  3. Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG with 90 LäuferInnen CHF 11'800.-



The winning companies each categorie win a running workshop with TV Unterstrass.