CHF 110'510.80 for childrens in switzerland

Around 600 employees from Zurich-based companies were joined by numerous individual runners to take part in this event in Zürichhorn on 25 October 2015. All in all, the runners at the 15th annual run4kids event completed 7673 laps of the course in the space of two hours. Many of them were reminded of their worthwhile efforts on the following day thanks to their aching muscles. The proceeds of CHF 110,510.80 from the 2015 run have been allocated to Kinderspitex plus and fit4future, two organisations that have been campaigning for well-being and healthy living among children in Switzerland for a number of years.

Press release

Organisations funded in 2015

Stiftung Kind und Familie

Caring for severely disabled and sick children at home reduces the chances of their health deteriorating and promotes the healing process. But at the same time, providing this level of care can be a source of an unimaginable amount of long-term stress for their parents. That’s why Stiftung Kind und Familie (KiFa Switzerland) is committed to lightening the load for families with severely disabled and sick children with its various projects. This Kinderspitex organisation cares for around 90 children throughout the whole of German-speaking Switzerland, providing in excess of 30,000 hours of care each year.

All donations will go to the “Kinderspitex plus” fund with the aim of achieving the CHF 370,000 funding target for 2015. www.stiftung-kifa.ch

Report Stiftung Kind und Familie

Cleven Foundation – «fit4future»

The Cleven Foundation has been committed to promoting healthy living among children since 2005. With more than 260 events held annually in Switzerland, fit4future is not only the charitable organisation’s main project, but it is also Switzerland’s biggest initiative campaigning for this cause. More than 130,000 children, parents and teachers at around 600 primary schools benefit free of charge from this science-based programme, which gets to grips with the issues of exercise, nutrition and brain fitness. www.fit-4-future.ch

Participating companies

AdNovum Informatik AG

Avnet AG

Banco Itaú (Suisse) SA

Bank Lomard Odier & Co AG

Bank Sparhafen Zürich AG


Bitfee AG

Ernst & Young AG



Heptagon Oy, Espoo

Meili Unternehmungen AG

Migros Bank AG


Serviceplan Suisse AG

Simcorp Schweiz AG

Swisscom IT Services AG

Walder Wyss Ltd.

Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG


More than 600 runners completed laps of the run4kids course in 2015, following the motto “if you’re taking part, you’ve already won”. Winners were announced in four different categories:

A) Runners' Category

Highest number of laps – individual runners

  1. Beat Schläfer (Ernst & Young AG) 36 Rounds
    Christina Dubach (Ernst & Young AG) 36 Rounds
    Caspar Lagler 36 Rounds


Biggest private donation - individual runners

  1. Yves Meili (Meili Unternehmungen AG) CHF 2'800.00
  2. Richard Lauber (Meili Unternehmungen AG) CHF 2'400.00
  3. Irmgard Planzer (Meili Unternehmungen AG) CHF 2'200.00

The winners in both of the individual runners’ categories each receive a voucher for CHF 200 from Ochsner Sport.

B) Companies' Category

Highest number of laps (average per runner)

  1. GAM 18.708333 Runden
  2. EY AG 18.673913 Runden
  3. OBT AG 17.045454 Runden


Highest company donation

  1. Meili Unternehmungen AG, CHF 17'000.00
  2. GAM, CHF 10'000.00
    Migros Bank AG, CHF 10'000.00
    Banco Itaú (Suisse) SA, CHF 10'000.00
    Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, CHF 10'000.00



The winning companies each categorie win a running workshop with Ochsner Sport.