Running for a good cause – since 2001

Celebrating 20 years of run4kids

Good deeds count, now more than ever

These are challenging times for the world. Now more than ever, it is crucial to take positive action and support those who need it most. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of run4kids, we’d like join forces with you to really make a mark.

Every year since 2001, around 800 to 1000 members of staff from a host of companies have joined us at the run4kids event to support children who are sick, disadvantaged and in need of a helping hand. As well as benefitting fit4future – Switzerland’s biggest primary school project promoting exercise and healthy living – the proceeds from this anniversary edition of the event will go to 10 other non-profit organizations that have made a real impact on the charity run in the past. All these organisations have been committed to helping disadvantaged and sick children in Switzerland for many years.

Take part in run4kids
Participate independently throughout October or join us at the charity run in Zürichhorn park on 31 October